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Writers Workshop

For years I said to myself that I would write a book. Years went by and although I started writing pieces many times, I usually lost interest in them or thought that they were not good enough.

Finally I promised myself that my next project would be something that I would complete and even if I became disinterested with it halfway through, I would not throw in the towel. I would see this piece through to the finish.

That project became my first published novel “Heroes of Terisca: Volume One – The Prophecy” and so far it has been rather successful on the Amazon Kindle Store. With customers from England, Germany and even America.

Now working on the next book in the ‘Heroes of Terisca Series’ I understand how important perseverance was and the rewards for the finished product have certainly paid off.

In this 'Writers Workshop' I will go through the tips and guidance I have for any other aspiring writers out there who have dreams of writing a book themselves but maybe lack the knowledge of where to start first.

I will also go through the boring bits, like how I set up self- assessment tax, and enrolled my book into the KDP Select programme on the Amazon store.

I Hope that it helps and maybe one day I will be reading one of your books in return.

Natalie Miles

Step One - Initial Idea

Step Five - Writing Software

Step Nine- Check, Check & Check Again

Step Two - Developing

Step Six - Distractions & Disturbances

Step Ten - Cover Creator

Step Three - Target Audience

Step Seven - Overcoming Writers Block 

Step Eleven - Formatting

Step Four - Distribution

Step Eight - Starting Promotion

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