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How To Make Up-cycled Fence Posts Into Solar Lighting Feature

We have recently had new fencing fitted and I noticed that some of the 4x4 posts were still in good condition.

So I asked if they could put three of them aside for me.

Next I got my husband to cut them into three different lengths.

He asked me how I was going to attach them together. "No more nails," was my reply.

He raised his eyes to the heavens and said that he would "Sort it."

When he came back he had done a really nice job.

Using long wood screws he had joined them all together and had even counter sunk the screw heads so I could put some wood filler over the top so that you cannot see any of the fixings.

He thought that he could escape but I found him another job to do.

I had three solar garden lights that I was not using. I removed them from the spikes that push into the ground and needed him to drill me holes in the top of the posts so that I could push the lamps into the slot.

After a few huffs and puffs off he went, returning a while later with the three drilled holes.

He had also drilled a hole in the bottom of the joined posts the same size as the metal spikes that I had removed from the bottom of the solar lights so that we could use them to stabilise the posts in the ground.

I rubbed the posts over with sandpaper, brushed off any loose dust and then painted them with Cuprinol garden shades in Seagrass and Coastal Mist.

When dry, I slotted the solar lights into the top and voila!

A free up-cycled lighting feature that costs nothing to run!

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