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How To Make a Coat Hanger Fabric Pocket Tidy

If you need a little extra storage space, and lets face it, we all do. This hanging tidy is the ideal answer.

It has eight various sized pockets for all sorts of items.

You could use it in the craft room, on the back of a bedroom door for hair accessories or make up, its up to you.

1) Cut your chosen material 2 inches wider than your coat hanger so you can sew a 1 inch seam each side.

Measure the length that you want and double this as you will fold it in half when you sew it up. Our finished item is a length of 22 inches and a width of 14 inches.

2) Cut a selection of pockets in various sizes, pin and press in the edges

3) Pin the pressed pockets on the right side of your material in a pattern of your choice. (Remember the material will be folded in half when sewn up so only pin the pockets on the top half)

4) Machine or hand sew the three sides of the pockets, remembering to leave the top of the pocket open.

5) Next fold the material in half right sides facing and pin in place, machine or hand sew the long sides then sew across the top leaving a small gap so you can turn through. Sew this closed.

6) Press the material, then fold over the coat hangar and sew a couple of buttons through the material to hold it in place. ( You could sew on ribbons at the top instead and tie onto the hangar so you could remove it for washing)

Hang and enjoy all your hard work!

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