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How To Make Your Own Tic-Tac-Toe Set

This project was an idea that I originally found on Pintrest and then tweaked to my own design.

I asked Natalie if she could make me some ladybirds and bees in polymer clay and we purchased a heart shaped wooden chopping board from TK Maxx. The clear feet we bought from Wilkos so that we would not have to worry about the chopping board marking the surface underneath. They also raised the board to a good height for play.

We then searched our garden for smooth stones of similar sizes to attach our Ladybirds & Bees to. ( Having a garden mostly laid to gravel certainly helped with this )

After washing and drying the stones. Natalie then super-glued the insects on.

Natalie burnt some lines on the chopping board with her pyrography tool (but you could use permanent marker pens instead)

The chopping board had a hole in one corner to hang it up with, but we did not like this so we covered it over with a metal bead detail that we stuck on

A quick polish of the board and it was finished. We are really pleased with the result.

This would be a great project to make with children, and they can have great fun choosing their favourite insects to top the stones with.

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