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How To Create a Slate and Pebble Picture

A great project to make with children and will help to brighten up a dull area of the garden.

You Will Need

  • Decking Boards / Wood Off-cuts
  • Metal plates or strip of wood to connect the boards
  • Paint
  • Drill
  • Selection of Pebbles/ stones and slate pieces
  • No more nails/ heavy duty exterior glue
  • Picture hanging fixtures


1) We had some off-cuts of decking board from a previous garden project, so we cut three of them to the same size.

2) On the back we attached four metal plates to hold the three pieces together but you could just use a strip of wood and drill two holes.

3) Paint the boards in your colour choice. ( We used Cuprinol Garden Shades in Sea Grass and Coastal Mist)

4) Lay out your design with your chosen pebbles , slate etc until you have the picture you are happy with.

5) Next we used no more nails exterior glue to firmly attach the stones and slate in place.

6) We then left the picture on a flat surface for 24 hrs to let the glue dry.

7) As the picture may be a bit heavy, make sure that you use the appropriate fixings then hang and enjoy!

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