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How To Make A Wooden Plank Planter

I wanted a rose to climb up and cover the wire netting that i used to stop the local cats doing their business in my veggie patch.

I picked a white rambler with no thorns from Peter Beale's in Attleborough, Norfolk.

It is a great place for a visit if you are in the area.

They have lovely grounds to walk around, with beautiful roses on display and a nice tearoom for a slice of cake and a coffee. Yum!

Anyway back to the reason that I am writing this. I put the rose in a very large black plastic planter with matching drip tray. It looked fab, but over time the weather had sun bleached the plastic a horrible mottled grey.

However as the rose was now entwined in the netting it would be very hard to re-pot.

We had some decking boards left over from another project and made a cover up planter pot.

1) Cut 4 2 x 2 Inches of wood for each corner piece to just above the height of your existing pot.

2) Cut your decking boards to length to cover the sides of your pot, screwing them onto the corner posts,

3) Leave one side open for now so you can slip it round your pot and then screw these pieces onto that side once in place.

4) Mitre the corners of your flat top pieces. Or you could just butt them together if you prefer. Screw them down into the top of the corner posts.

5) Stand back and admire your handywork. You could even cover a pot that is against a flat wall by only making the three sides and leaving the back panel off.

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