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How To Re-Purpose An Oak Bar Stool Into A Garden Pot Stand

This project started on a sad note as the stool belonged to my father who has sadly passed away.

He originally bought the stool at an antique shop for £10.00. He was told that it was from an old local pub that was being re-fitted . (Probably a refit that would make it look totally generic and the lovely old character of the pub will be lost forever.)

My dad wanted to use it in his garage, so he would have a place to sit whilst tinkering away in his workshop.

When my mum was clearing out my dad's things I saw the stool and asked if I could have it.

The wood being Oak made it really heavy and one of the rails at the bottom was very worn from the feet of the people who would have been sat at the pub bar.

I decided that I would transform the stool into a garden flower pot stand.

First of all I sanded down the few rough areas, including the foot boards and gave it a good wash down.

I then painted it using both Cuprinol Garden Shades 'Coastal Mist' and Wickes 'Chestnut Brown' wood treatment.

When it was finished I was so pleased with the end result that I have not actually used it in the garden.

Instead I am trying to find a place for it indoors, maybe as a lamp table.

As I pass by, it will hopefully stir fond memories of my wonderful dad X

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