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How To Create Your Own Felt Cottage Needle case

We all like to dream of owning a cottage in the heart of the British countryside, with nothing but far reaching views and glorious sunshine all day long

1) Place your house template on the fold of your chosen felt and pin in place. Then cut it out.

2) Do the same with your chosen cotton inner fabric 

3) Place your roof and chimney templates on your chosen felt and pin in place. Then cut out. (remember to cut two roof pieces)

4) Next cut out your embellishments for the front of your cottage. I picked a red door, two white windows, some green felt cut with pinking shears to look like a hedge and two brown pieces of felt to look like plant pots.

5) Sew your embellishments in place onto your house above the fold line

6) The window curtains were made from ribbon sewn to the sides of the window felt, before attaching to the house.

7) Embroidery thread was sewn onto the chimney piece to resemble bricks before it was folded in half and stitched along both sides. Then it was stuffed with wadding.

8) Cut a small slit in the felt of one of the roof pieces, on the fold line. So that the chimney fits through. Sew the chimney securely in place.

Then put line up both sides of the felt roof together and stitch.

9) Cut two felt strips and place them on the right side of your cotton inner fabric. At the middle point, sew through to attach securely. ( I cut the felt with pinking shears to make a pretty edge).

10) Place your house templates right sides together and pin in place. Stitch round leaving the top edge open to turn through then stitch closed.

11) Mark the position of your roof by folding over the house and pin the back of the roof to the back top edge of the house. Sew securely in place.

12) Attach a pop stud or velcro to keep the house closed

Enjoy filling your needle-case cottage with your favorite pins.

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