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 Greetings Cards & Bookmarks


Scottie Dog Bookmark

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Elegant Ballgown Bookmark

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Tuxedo Bookmark

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Dachshund Bookmark

Dress Style Bookmark

Tie Bookmark

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Bookworm Bookmark

Whimsical Knitted Owl Bookmark


Blank Cards

Owl Duo Blank Cards

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Trio Of Steampunk

Greetings Cards

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Trio Of Animal Greetings Cards

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Trio Of Funky Stag Cards

3 Stag Christmas Cards

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Pretty Set of 3 Animal Cards

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Three Xmas Stag Cards

Birthday Cards

Purple Felt Grapes Birthday Card

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Happy Birthday Dinosaur Card

Red Felt Ladybird Birthday Card

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Multiple Occasion Cards

Set of 3 Autumnal Woodland Greetings Cards

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Pearl & Floral Heart Valentines Card

Hand Drawn Hearts Aperture Card


A5 Denim Covered Journal or Notebook

Assorted Wooden Gift Tags

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