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Character Concepts & Biographies

Claria Tanis

A sweet and naive girl from the Great Hart Settlement in the south of Terisca.

Claria has spent her youth training to become a healer for her people, often spending her time in the surrounding forests, foraging for herbs, berries and  mushrooms.

Close to her mother, father and brother Nial she does not believe that her path in life will ever take her far beyond the borders of her home.

Little does she know....

Prince Arnett Of Alamar

As heir to the throne of Alamar, Prince Arnett has to contend with a lot of responsibility on his young shoulders.

Every action and decision he makes is carefully scrutinised by his father, his sister Breia and the whole of the royal court.

Trouble is he is unsure of whether he wants to be the future King of Alamar, a role that he has no say in. But how can a Prince change his destiny?

Princess Jessa Of Alamar

Having led a sheltered life within the walls of the Castle, Princess Jessa assumed that her future would be full of embroidery, piano lessons and an arranged marriage to secure some treaty or another.

She is often caught between her family, trying to keep the peace between the two quarrelling sides.

On one side their is her father and older sister Breia and on the other Jessa's twin Prince Arnett. 

Jessa often feels overlooked in the Palace of Alamar but deep down she knows that she is meant for more in this life than the trophy wife of a neighbouring dignitary.

Eivan Black

Eivan has already lived enough lives for two people. He was born in Great Hart and had intended to take after his father and become a farmer but when tragedy struck he made a decision to leave Great Hart and set himself a new path with the Royal Army of Alamar. However the call of Great Hart brought him back to his home and he has been there ever since. Trying to keep himself occupied by helping others so that he does not have to think about the upsetting remnants of his past that are shadowing him.

Nial Tanis

Nial Tanis from the Great Hart Settlement, is the Brother of Claria and the Son of Katib and Amalia.

He is a skilled hunter, providing for his people and making sure that each of them are fed.

Nial spends most of his time in the forest, laying traps and skinning animals that he shoots down with his bow.

Strong headed and brave, his determination to save his people sets the adventurers on their path.

Katib Tanis

A travelling trader from the Great Hart Settlement in Southern Terisca. Katib is rarely at home for more than a few weeks at a time before he heads out on the road again looking for all manner of oddities and trinkets to sell at the market in the City of Alamar.

He has been happily married to Amalia for many years and hopes that one day either of his two children, Claria and Nial may wish to take over the family business.

Sorceress Amander

Born and raised in the Northern City of High Reach the Sorceress Amander is somewhat misunderstood.

Living in the large shadow cast by her mother the High Enchantress Gileena, Amander tries to keep her life as simple as possible. Not really giving much thought to the larger picture and the fallout of her actions in the orders that she is commanded to undertake.

She is never seen without her personal bodyguards, the mysterious men in the white masks, The Unknowns.


Samuel was born in the establishment of Lorflyn Lodge, famous for it's healing waters and a retreat for the rich and powerful. 

Unfortunately for Samuel he was not born into a life of power and wealth, instead he was born a servant of the Lodges. Whether it is carrying the luggage or tending to the rooms his work it seems is never finished and his shrew of a mother never stops calling him with more chores to add to the ever growing list.

Commander Eckhart

Most in Terisca say that Commander Eckhart was bred for one purpose, to be a man of war. Perhaps they are right for he never seems more in his element than when on the battlefield or torturing a poor prisoner for information. 

Everyone in Terisca fears this infamous Commander and they have good reason to do so. As King Alacard of High Reach's personal lapdog he carries out the most vile and abhorrent of the Kings commands. What's more he enjoys it. 


Elsie has dreams of grandeur. Sure, she was born into a life of servitude and has found a place at Lorflyn Lodge as a maid but deep down she knows that she is destined for more than the life of a commoner. She wants to be respected, a noble, a princess, a Queen. She will do anything to break free of her shackled life, anything.


A resident of the Great Hart Settlement and best friend to Claria Tanis. Lettie is currently in training to be the next seamstress for the settlement. 

After the passing of both her parents when she was young she now lives with and takes care of her Grandfather.